Writing-thinky potpourri


Making a character black because couldn't think of a good reason* not to, plus was finding excuses to resist the idea**.

While we're at it: more characters with non-binary gender identities and more characters with non-binary sexed bodies, not necessarily the same characters.

P. S. Seem to be reluctant to write character + setting combinations which render the character unable to align body and presentation with their own ideals. I don't plan on doing anything to resist that tendency, although merely having noticed it increases the likelihood I will make an attempt someday.

P. P. S. Conan the Velociraptor

*Very likely to stuff it up, which is A Reason, but don't know if it's a good one.

**Cycled through considering having the character be asian or of a non-African indigenous heritage, but decided reason for this was probably acculturation of black women as unattractive, which clinched the decision. At the moment the main reason to not ultimately have these characters be black would be if I un-default to a North Americanish cultural milieu, in which case some of them might be revamped to match ethnicity mix of new locale (or not, maybe).