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Up and down

=== Ambiguity from 2017-07-13 ===

One of those days where I have a shift at the library starting from 17:00, so the whole day takes place in its shadow. Nonetheless I managed to achieve many of the goals I'd set for myself today. Mostly, preparation for that Pathfinder game I keep talking about.

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Building a custom migration in Drupal 8, Part 6: Custom Source Plugins

In the last post, we went beyond simple node migrations and leveraged the power of the Drupal 8 migration system to break up and reorganize our content into Paragraphs. We created a separate migration for each source field we wanted to convert into a paragraph entity, and then an additional migration that created nodes using the paragraphs. We used psudofields and some creative use of plugins to migrate things just the way we wanted. It sounds like we've handled everything, but we can still go further.

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Two pieces a week apart

=== Monday ===

Maybe yesterday's post should have been split in two, to separate out the game talk from the workplace whining. In follow-up to that, it seems the person I was filling in for on Saturday is currently hospitalised. I won't write out my speculations as to why, but I hope she will soon be in good health.

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And now the weekend

Solitude brings memory and memory brings pain. Today, as has happened before, feeling that so much time has been lost to seeking stimulus, suppressing thought so as not to face hurt, and this must change. Yet, this revolution will not happen. The way of things will persist.

Today at work - an unexpected shift, called at last minute to cover the afternoon - whenever I got moments to myself away from colleagues and from patrons I found myself fighting off sobbing. Maybe this was better than if I had stayed home.

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An aspiration of fun

Note: The following was typed on 2017-06-15

For a long while I've been kicking around the idea of running a Star Wars sequel role-playing campaign using the Pathfinder ruleset and based on a story idea by Ami. Naturally I'd been referring to it as Starfinder until Paizo went and announced a game of that same name which at least should make a more convenient platform for actually playing it out.

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Building a custom migration in Drupal 8, Part 5: Paragraphs

In the last post, we migrated our uploaded images and attachments by creating a custom file migration. We explored the process section of our migration *.yml, and enhanced it with custom mappings. We leveraged Drupal 8's powerful process plugin system to even further customize our migrations. We found out we could chain migrations together through the migration_lookup plugin. Finally, we created and ran a simple node migration. So that's it, right? Series over? Heck no!

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Building a custom migration in Drupal 8, Part 4: Files and Content

In the last post, we finally wrote and executed our first migrations. We performed a dependency mapping to determine we needed to first migrate roles, then our users. We created new migrations in *.yml directly by searching our Drupal core directory for useful migration_templates. We're four parts in, and we have yet to migrate any nodes! Argh! Can we just start migrating nodes already!?

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Building a custom migration in Drupal 8, Part 3: Users and Roles

In the last post, we laid the technical foundation necessary to create migrations. We installed the Migrate Plus and Migrate Tools modules to support our migrations. We imported our Drupal 7 database locally, and configured settings.php with connection credentials. Finally, we created a migration group to use those connection credentials.

But we still haven't migrated any content as of yet. Let's change that.


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