If I wish to be so idiosyncratic as to use in my writing such old letters as Þ I may do well to create a palette of samples with usage reminders, so I can have them to hand and be grow familiar with them. Otherwise I will both keep forgetting and not find them handy enough to actually make use of in my writing. Of course this will also make my work much less penetrable but, we hardly are going to reach a wide audience anyway.

I suspect if I write anything for a particular audience they will ask me to take it out. Most likely a pure fool's quest.

Today we:

Got to the end of the command line appendix in Learn Python 3 The Hard Way. That surprised me. Knocked the last few exercises out with much more ease than most of the others, and then found I was indeed at the end. So next time, going to the beginning of the book and starting with python itself.

Another couple of podcasts pulled down and catalogued for the playlist - The Science Show and All in the Mind, both produced by ABC Radio.

I created a first draft of that "writer's palette", listing a few unconventional punctuation and letters with names, usage notes and copyable samples that I can keep handy. This should make it a bit easier to persist with my bad decision, or more quickly be confronted with the fact it is a bad decision.