Practicing some coding tonight, like I didn't do last week (going through an old copy of Learn Python The Hard Way). Right now it feels like an achievement that I can open the command prompt and type

cd C:\Users\<path>\Coding

and get where I want to go from memory, first go. So at least I am getting reaccustomed to something doing these exercises.

Have been worrying about myself lately. Feel like I am having more difficulty than usual, getting words mixed up or getting confused and forgetting what I am doing. Might just be my limited sense of myself and my past, forgetting what life has been like for me previously so that I always think ongoing troubles are actually new troubles, or not noticing difficulties previously from not being in a position for them to be expressed.

Ended up spending most of the time I'd allotted to myself debugging where the exercise had allowed some leeway and I'd decided to go and use some stuff not covered yet.

Felt a bit embarrassed and disappointed in myself for having forgotten so much in just a year and a half since I last took a 1st-year unit on programming, but ultimately satisfied. Because I did make some mistakes and worked through them and experimented until I had them solved and (re-)learned a bit into the bargain.

(up is caught, more or less. let's never build a backlog again.)