Running headlong down winding grassy path with arms outstretched, and picking up speed


Reminding myself not to feel bad about not getting many things done today. May not have gotten any practise drawing or programming but that is because I spent most of the day writing. Or rather, laying the foundations for future writing. There is a story I have been wanting to write for a couple of months now and I spent most of today gathering together the assorted floating ideas I have had for it so far and trying to mark out the questions that need to be answered to proceed further.

Important questions like, what are the names of these characters? Or their personal goals and ongoing motivations?

For this story I feel I would like to try a heavier outlining approach than I normally do. Really go deep into planning plot beats and arcs and going scene by scene. I'm curious whether I will find that works better or worse than my usual approach of rough goal and get going - I find that style frequently leaves me with long pauses in the actual writing where I sit and think about what I want to have happen next. Perhaps deciding all that in advance will make the words on page flow smoother?

Also I better go back and add some of this to my notes too. I was so busy collating world-building notes I forgot to ask what the characters want and why. Ta!