This is a post, hopefully


Tried to make this earlier but it got et, presumably I did something wrong in leaving the tab open when I had to leave. Anyway. Haven't been posting because connection has been too bad to reach LiveJournal, so I haven't read anything there for a couple of months and haven't posted because I wouldn't be able to correct anything or check that it went through.

But there is bandwidth for now, so I wanted to make a go of posting about an odd Thursday I had a while ago, to try and start myself off. Rushing now, because I am frustrated at having to rewrite this. First off I ran into another student from my class in the library while I was working in the charity shop, and she seemed a bit horrified at where I had ended up.

She was still in the course, taking it part-time, so I ended up giving advice I've come to regret not taking, such as to try and find work while still a student, or look for apprenticeship jobs which expect you to obtain the qualification while working there - which I did not know about while I was studying and now am inelegible for. She, meanwhile, advised me to try and get my novel published. I was pretty shocked that people would remember details like that about me, but perhaps I am more memorable than I give myself credit for? Or people just remember other people better than I expect. Anyway, the one I have written is not publication-worthy, I believe, but perhaps a future one will be someday? She ended up buying a couple of books and I think a giant teddy bear.

Later, I arrived early at the toy library as was usual at the time and found a quiet spot to listen to podcasts until it was time. A couple of library staff stopped by to say hello while I was doing that. It was encouraging, made me feel as if I were a welcome contributor.

Later still, during the session itself, a girl approached me and offered to donate a small bag of marbles to the toy library. I asked if she were sure, and she said she had no use for them, so I accepted and put them away in the storeroom with the other marbles. They aren't generally available because they can be a hazard to the younger children, but can be borrowed with toys that make use of them.

So, that was a day with unexpected stuff in it.