From fire to rain


Rain is a nice change from fire. Luckily I don't expect to have to worry about the flooding either although many will.

It's pretty amazing, really. Part of the atmosphere is just condensing out and falling to the ground

This week I'm angry about doctors and their lack of interest in patients. A few weeks back I had a consultation at my GP's office about pain in my left foot when I stand or walk and mentioned that I'd lately been having pain and some blood when urinating. That wasn't a present concern as it had ceased by the day of my appointment, and I'd had a similar issue several years back which had gotten sampled, ultrasounded and ultimately they found nothing but the issue did not recur for about six years so that was acceptable.

Of course this time I wasn't experiencing any pain by the time of that appointment, so I was unsurprised when the results came back negative on any infection. But I also realised afterward I'd been too quick to answer in the negative about any signs of infection, especially when those signs of infection reoccurred afterward and gave me a rather unpleasant several days that I would have made a separate appointment for if it hadn't subsided again. But, Thursday I wake up, I'm in pain again, there's what could be a trace of blood in the toilet bowl, I walk down to the GP's office and wait until they can see me.

At first the doctor is alarmed and wants an immediate urine sample, until he hears his colleague already tested me when I was asymptomatic and found nothing (now, the test they ran years back confirmed bleeding, but nothing I've heard this time around concerned anything but infection) - then he drops the idea. Especially after hearing I haven't been sexually active in years, and talks me down and over when I try and describe the recent signs of infection I have been experiencing. Evidently if they don't think it may be an STI they don't want to hear about it. I did get a referral for an ultrasound, which I booked in for the following day (yesterday) but I expect them not to find anything. They found nothing last time.

Bleeding more this morning. Feeling frustrated and ignored. My underwear is spotted and stained. Maybe after they get back to me and say no issue found, I can go in again and tell them "Hey, I'm experiencing this issue. Maybe there's something you can do about it?"