Some weeks are better than others


Last week was a further descent in caring for the toy library. Seemed just about everything returned incomplete. One item came back as nothing but its lid and a single puzzle pieces. Sets without barcodes that we therefore cannot tell the library system are returned, accumulate.

On the Thursday we had a particularly distressing return. A large construction play set, as we cleaned we detected what seemed to be traces of mold infesting the parts. Source was revealed when we cleared enough space to see the bottom of the box - someone had spilled what was hopefully tomato sauce (AKA ketchup in the US I am told) in there and a large, fluffy eruption of mold had resulted. It was beyond the resources we were provided to clean out to our satisfaction and so ended up sealed with a note explaining that hot water and more serious cleaning chemicals would be needed.

This week I started the volunteering I am required to do at the charity shop. So far what I have been mostly doing after 13 hours there is I think retail assistant sort of work, wandering around in case customers want to ask for assistance or seem like they could stand to be offered some, and disentangling coathangers on racks the rest of the time to stave off boredom. Feet are still adjusting to that much standing around, and it is a bit depressing feeling like they could replace me with no-person and come out even.

For the last hour this week I did get to do tagging of new clothing and that was a bit more interesting, but I still find the work vastly less satisfying than the toy library, and a strong incentive to find a job that will either give more sense of accomplishment and responsibility (preferably in some sort of library) or at least pay significantly better.

This week, the toy librarian returned (briefly) and that was exciting. Plus, we managed to solve several outstanding toy mysteries. Two boxes were returned, containing parts of three sets, and it was very satisfying to track down which pieces belonged where and put them back where they belong although two of them remained incomplete even after this.

I also obtained permission to list the toy librarian as a reference for a council library assistant position I was applying for, both of which felt like major steps forward.

Back in time to Tuesday, other missing toy parts started to come together too. One piece of a household returned without barcode or any indicator but the set number written on it in marker turned out to be the missing piece associated with a note in the store room, for a set currently out on loan but which will be complete on its return. An empty box containing no set was at first disheartening, until shortly before leaving I found its insides stored away as missing their box, turning another problem into a triumph. Very hurrah.

I hope I get one of these library jobs I am applying for. Would make a big difference.

Haven't been posting much for a while again. Is frustrating. I feel like I am washed away with too much busyness to write or update, but I think objectively there is not so much going on in my life. It is a distressing feeling of overwhelmedness and inability.