List of people who know me by sight


The staff at the local pharmacist, the staff at the unemployment office, the staff at the local library.

Despite learning the test for my unrestricted licence would not involve a live driving evaluation, I've kept up focusing on driving carefully and according to the road rules (not that I'd ever been flouting them, but am trying to be conscientious so as not to fall into bad habits), and continuing since attaining the licence. I'd feel silly having my first accident so soon after getting out of all that licencing procedure.

Had a weird situation on the way to the library yesterday. Care in front in the left-turn lane was indicating to turn right, so I had to sit through two green lights before they could make their turn and I could make more. Am almost but not quite sure it is illegal to turn right from that lane, as it would have been for me to try and turn left from the other lane. Will have to check the lane markings next time.

Ah well. I don't consider myself an especially good driver. Need to take care and practise and keep focused to not make potentially dangerous mistakes.

The library itself was unusually quiet. There was the same girl studying in the same spot, who vacated again when she saw me and realised the space would be needed for toy librarying. I wanted to say she didn't need to go far, but it can get noisy anyway, so probably better to move.

Few children showed up. The loudest (but not a problem to me) were those of the first other volunteer to show up this year (to that session - the others have definitely had people, but the session I attend is supposedly the hardest to get people for). Was very weird being treated as somewhat authoritative by the other volunteer - am sure she must have volunteered at least a few times before I started! And especially I didn't feel very certain. But it worked out.

Helped to have someone else there, but all the adults left with their children about ten minutes before closing time anyway, so I didn't even have to announce it this week and did get to start packing things up early. Some people showed up at the last minutes, but no trouble there.

It went well. Am feeling good about that one.

Also pleasant surprise, on drive back found $20 of petrol is enough to fill half the tank again. Had been worried, since it only filled a quarter of the tank last week, that I would have to significantly rebalance my budget for fuel. So, relief.

End of post.