Eventually, writing

I nearly finished de-plotholing my 'novel' by the end of August, the latest self-imposed deadline. I thought I had, but then inspecting the rearranged scenes encountered a further tangle in the tricky chronological anomaly. Ended up an hour late in bed talking to Pazi about that problem, and maybe had an idea that would salvage it, so hopefully can attend to that today. It does go a bit against writing advice I've read, the approach I came up with. The more canonically good practice thing to do would be to rip up the scene however much I like most of its current incarnation, and put whatever bits are important in a new context. But I think I can get another joke out of the current form, so I am going to try that first. This also means after all my shuffling of scenes around in the past few days, they end up mostly in the same order they started.