A month off, Day 22: We got a heartbeat!


There was only two things left to wire up with the Voron 0.1, the part cooling fans and the Z-axis endstop. For the fans, I built a Y-adapter using some JST connectors and crimp-on splice connectors. The splice connectors were interesting, but also rather more money than I'd prefer to spend on such a part. Still, they made for a really strong mechanical and electrical connection. The endstop wasn't all that different from previous endstops I've wired.

Instead of just powering on the printer, I decided to go through all of the connections again while applying labels from a digital labelmaker. I used the labelmaker in a networking project, but it turns out to be useful here too. By printing the labels with extra spaces at the end, you can fold over one side creating a flag with text, then wrap the other side around the wire and on to the back of the flag.

With all the connections checked, I powered on the printer. I had the Pi connected to an external monitor and a keyboard, so I could do the initial configuration necessary to get it on Wifi, have SSH access, and enable the camera. After that, I did start the process of initializing the machine by building the firmware.

It's odd; most research I did into Klipper suggested that it was a very difficult firmware to install and use. So far, however, it doesn't seem any more difficult compared to working with any other from-source software I've used on Linux. No doubt my prior experience with software development is helping me here.