A month off, Day 20 & 21: Back in Black


One thing I was doing low-key while working on the door trim was also reprinting a lot of parts for TCHeRI's compute bay. These were originally printed in white to match the Pi400, but I couldn't find any 2020 extrusion in white or red to match, resulting in a color combination I didn't much like. My plan was to reprint the bay in red and black when I finally had good reason to.

And because I wanted to get the Rock64 mounted in TCHeRI, I had the excuse.

The Rock64 modules require 43mm of space. The Pi PoE+ modules require 31. Four of each gets you 296, leave 4mm for mounting brackets on each side inside of TCHeRI. Originally, TCHeRI was designed for only 8 compute modules anyways, so I printed that many to match.

After several revisions, I managed to get one that printed well, seemed durable enough, and fit. In it went into the rack.

The following day I got back to working on the Voron 0.1. I finally decided to try to get all the electronics all hooked up. I decided to rebuild the toolend with the reprinted black fan cowl. It was made of more durable filament, and the polishing I did of the front looked much more attractive.

I spent most of a day getting most of the wiring together. By the end of the day I had everything except a Y adapter for the part cooling fans and wiring for the Z-axis endstop. I didn't get power on the printer, as I wanted to get most of the electronics all connected together first.