A month off, Day 15: Endstops and stopping


It always seems to be, as a project gets closer and closer to actually being done, the more little parts it needs in order to actually finish it. Over the weekend it was a thermistor, today it was something else, JST connectors.

I knew that this week I wouldn't be able to work much on the printer. I took this as a sign that I should instead change my focus this week to working on cleaning things up around the house instead. Still, I didn't really want to get started on that yesterday. There had to be something I could do on the printer!

And there was. Using the zip tie mounts I printed earlier, I routed and covered the cabling in the printer to make everything nice and neat. With that finished, I started to look into wiring in the endstop microswitches. There's only two of them, so I soldered on a pair of wire according to the assembly guide, and ran them back to the electronics cabinet. That's when I discovered, I'd need a JST connector kit to connect the endstops properly to the mainboard.

I sighed and put in an order. It's probably a good thing nothing will arrive for another few days. There's only so many non-snowy days left this year and there's still a lot to do.