A month off, Day 5: Reprinting, rebuilding


A lot of this project has been learning. The discovery of the issues with ductility I had early in the week resulted in a lot of this week being about going back and correcting mistakes.

After all the calibration I had done to get the black ABS I had on hand to print correctly, I started to reprint all the parts I suspected were likely to fail, as well as those already showing visible cracks.

Which is...most of them.

Fortunately, the Voron 0.1 is a small printer and all the printed parts are also small. I started that process and started to disassemble the printer to remove the bed mounts, again.

I already had to remove this once to install the mount point for the Z-axis dragchain. Now I'm replacing both mounts entirely, making sure that the dragchain mount is properly installed the first time. This disassembly and reassembly took nearly the entire afternoon as reinstalling the bed after removal is very, very, very, very, fiddly on the Voron 0.1. You can do it, but have an ample amount of patience before you start. Admittedly, a lot of that time was spent tramming the Z-axis, so it was likely time well spent.

It's a good thing I did too, since one of the mounts was indeed, badly cracked already and would likely fail mid-print when the stresses from the bed leveling springs are engaged. It also changed the look of the printer. With less red parts, the printer takes on a more dapper appearance. I left the existing red part at the front of the bed frame as it hasn't failed yet, and in theory, is easier to replace with the printer completed if it does fail

I didn't feel I made much progress on the printer this week at all. Much of it was correcting previous mistakes and reprinting parts. Hopefully that'll mean that next week there will be more progress as I complete the remaining parts, and install a few mods just for fun.