Teaching a cat to fish

  1. Because we have a puppy in the house, the house has been divided in two to make managing her easier
  2. This is done by
    1. keeping a door closed at one end of the kitchen
    2. barricading the other end of the kitchen with a wooden panel backed on this side by objects including a stepladder
  3. One of our cats, Lilly, used to spend all her time over the other side, but has taken to napping and spending time over here, probably to avoid the rambunctious puppy
  4. Lilly still likes to spend time on the other side, but she can't walk through closed doors
  5. To fix this, she will stand in front of the closed door and yowl loudly until it is opened for her (such as waking me by being noisy down the hall at 03:00)
  6. I don't know how she keeps getting over here; no one will admit to letting her through
  7. I'm now trying to teach her she can solve her own problems, by carrying her around the corner to the barricade so she'll see that like the other cats she is entirely capable of climbing up and leaping over without human assistance
  8. Everyone is happy?