Lin Hai's Journal - 1


[this is the journal I kept while playing in a Ryuutama campaign earlier this year]

We have set out on our journey into this strange, new world. I do not know how long we will be here, nor if my journal will ever make its way back home if I do not.

We are not alone in this world. As well as myself and the Princess, the Emperor has sent a stranger named Viridian to explore also. Naoko will be staying at the portal on our side to facilitate communication; when last I saw him he was beginning construction of a cabin which will shelter him through the months, possibly years we shall be stranded here.

I hope that he will not encounter any problems. We were only a little ways from the portal when the Princess and I encountered a strange, catlike yaoguai calling himself Kotaro. He seemed quite friendly, especially after the Princess found his missing earring. However I worry that if there are more such beings in the area they may cause problems for Naoko.

Our second day was miserable. It rained heavily throughout. I felt sick and so did the Princess. Fortunately she appears to have a knack for travel and steered us to a village, where we have found warm welcome and an inn to stay the night. I am concerned about the Princess however – she appears to have been unaware that the portal between worlds opens only on eclipse days, and that we will not be able to return until the next eclipse at the very soonest. I am sure she would not have been permitted to embark on this journey without that fact being impressed upon her very firmly and it is worrying that she would have taken those warnings so blithely.

Mayhaps she is pranking me, or our kind host. If so, I hope Akemi of the Dancing Octopus has a generous sense of humour.