Lin Hai's Journal - 6 [Dragon Lecture]


Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:45]

"— and of course thunder dragons round out the last of the weather dragons. Now, for the greater dragons..." says a mermaid laying on her back in a pool. A number of people sit on benches, listening - but quite a few others are laying in a large set of small, individual pools.

aesmael, [25.02.18 13:46]

If there is an empty pool, Lin Hai will settle herself into one to listen for a while - better than sitting in a slowly drying bathing suit.

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:46]

"There are four types of greater dragon, each reflecting one of the four seasons," the lecturer continues. "Midori-Ryuu, or Green Dragons, reflect our current season - Spring. They are associated with the three artifacts of knowledge: The Encyclopedia of Rules, the Sextant of Change, and the Torch of Learning."

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:47]

Much to your surprise, floating in a pool actually improves your ability to hear the lecture.

aesmael, [25.02.18 13:47]

[[ I am quite surprised, yes ]]

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:47]

"Midori Ryuu are prone to watch over those who seek learning and exploration. They value the virtues of storytelling, perserverence, and recordkeeping."

aesmael, [25.02.18 13:48]

[[ lemme know if you want me to ditch the listening at any point. otherwise Lin Hai is fascinated and a little intimidated to think of dragons as actual beings out in the world ]]

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:49]

"Obviously, as you all know, the royal Midori Ryuu has been travelling for many years, and thus not seen in court. Therefor, lesser Midori Ryuu fill in for her seat, acting as her proxies for each vote. But it also means that ignoring the Midori Ryuu's vote can be used as a tiebreaker. Thus, her influence is more ephemeral than the other royal dragons - a seeker of knowledge, a bringer of insight, instead of a player of politics."

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:51]

"Next up are the blue dragons, Ao-Ryuu. They are the patrons of theatre, love, and all other things tied to romance. They guard young lovers and old flames alike, and occasionally meddle to ensure that star-crossed lovers are indeed destined to meet."

aesmael, [25.02.18 13:51]

[[ ❤️ the lore tho ]]

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:52]

"Unlike other dragons, they have but two artifacts: the Crystal of Kindness, and the Ring of the Heart. In place of the third, an Ao-Ryuu can become itself a mascot, travelling alongside those it deems worthy and serving to bolster their resolve."

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:53]

"Coming then to Fall, we get the Crimson Dragons: The Kurenai-Ryuu. These are dragons of battle! Fierce beasts with great claws and scales ward off the strongest sword! They are the guardians of Ryuutama, protecting us from those who would dare dream of invading."

There's a bit of cheering at this.

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:54]

"Their artifacts are the Greatsword of the Hero, the Longspear of Challenge, and the fabled Immortal's Longbow. It is said of the last, that it's weilder cannot be slain - and indeed, death itself is often considered to be the domain of the Kurenai-Ryuu."

aesmael, [25.02.18 13:54]

[In reply to Ryuutama GM]

Lin Hai's eyes widen at that, and she looks around a little nervously.

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:56]

"Lastly is the Kuro-Ryuu: Black Dragons, keepers of winter. Though more alien than the others, do not let yourself forget that they too serve an important purpose. They are shrouded in darkness and mystery, but they are also the ones to consult when such maladies befall your village. They are detectives par excellence, and patrons of those who have been wronged."

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:57]

"Their artifacts are shrouded far more in mystery, but we know at least that they are a Chalice, a Dagger, and a Mirror - the Mirror is said to be the Mirror of Slaughter, a powerful magical item which grants power proportionate to the fear you can strike in to the hearts of your enemy. To what purpose this artifact was created, we can only speculate - certainly the Kuro-Ryuu are not talking."

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:58]

With that, she bows. "Thank you all for attending my lecture, and I hope you've enjoyed your day in the gardens!"

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:58]

"Oh, and don't forget! Next Wednesday will be a meeting of the three royal dragons, at the imperial palace!"

Ryuutama GM, [25.02.18 13:59]

(OMG I just had to improvise an entire lecture WHY did I let there be a lecture hall WHY XD)

aesmael, [25.02.18 13:59]

Lin Hai applauds again, nearly as extravagantly as for the magic show.