[Belated] Assignment Planning 3 [from December]


Today I stayed back a few minutes after my shift to help out a new patron who was not familiar with libraries. He was searching the library catalogue and wanted advice on how to locate the items he had found so I gave him a quick primer on the call numbers in use there.

This also got me thinking a bit about library objectives which could be met via social media. Specifically, orientation type material. I’m not sure what format would work well. Podcast series on the library website, covering various aspects of how the library is organised and used? A map as an image made available via Flickr?

If, for example, a podcast is the format of choice, then for accessibility reasons we need to make the same information available via text, or for patrons who may not have the time or inclination to sit through even a brief audio presentation.

But, if we have these alternative formats, do we still need a podcast?

[presumably at this point my focus shifted much more to completing the assignment than documenting my progress toward same]