Small musing on subscribing to the OLJs of other students.

The Tumblrs were quite straightforward, just to visit them and click the 'follow' button that appeared in an out of the way corner.

For the rest, since I am using Opera as my browser of choice in this class, I wanted to keep my resources close to hand. Ctrl+Shift+E opens a tab for browser extensions and options for controlling those. On the left of that, at the bottom of the sidebar is a link for finding more extensions.

Searching for RSS brings up a slew of options; I went with Smart RSS as an attempt to restore the built-in RSS reader functionality from back before Opera switched to the Blink layout engine (well before Webkit really). Still hoping the restoration of those futures, the RSS reader and mail client built in to Opera, will happen sometime in the future, because that integration was a lot of what I liked about Opera.

Most of the non-Tumblr OLJs had a link somewhere, usually at the bottom of the page, to an RSS feed which I could copy and add to Smart RSS. For a couple of them I had to append /rss to the blog URL in order to find the feed. One or two of them did not have any feed I could locate.

Now I am equipped for keeping up with what my co-students are learning and to keep up with this class, to learn and respond in a more socially networked way.

While I'm at talking about extension use - I also went and added the Zotero Connector extension, as I have found Zotero useful in the past for managing and citing resources.