[notes from several days ago]


This link seems like something I should come back to and peruse more thoroughly when I am not pressed for assignment deadline: http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/services/public_libraries/For_new_public_library_staff.html

Getting Assignment 2 done. Initial task:

Select one of the following scenarios to form the basis of your social networking proposal. You are:

• the Information Services Librarian for a public library

• the Information Officer for a public health department

• the Librarian or Library Media Technician for a large high school library

• the Online Information Services Librarian at a university library

• the Heritage Librarian for a state library

• the Online Information Services Librarian for a national archive

Of these, I did not take long to make a choice. Perhaps I should have, but most of these are nearly completely outside the context of my experience and I did not want to make it harder for myself by choosing an unfamiliar context to learn at the same time. And State Libraries, in particular, I assumed without checking would already have a comprehensive and successful social networking policy, and thus have to struggle not to clone what already exists.

My sympathies tend to default to academic contexts - if not librarianship then I might well have been pursuing a scientific career - which would suggest a university library. However, readings from INF203 and elsewhere have suggested to me that public libraries are under-served and under-represented in academic library literature, and thereby inclined me to desire to rectify this. Especially, as I work in a public library and (relevant to the task at hand) one which has an almost non-existent social network presence.

First step: checking the website of the State Library of NSW for any policy recommendations on public library social media use.

Result: no such guidelines found.

Second step: check ALIA website for same.

Result: no such guidelines found.

Looks like there is no official or approximately-so best practice for me to follow, nor to present as part of this proposal. Possibly check the ALA later, if I have time before deadline.

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