A moment of panic


[re-posted from student journal's last night]

Last night I realised the deadline for the second assignment in INF206 is coming up very closely indeed. The mode of study I have been attempting, working my way through the modules a bit each day and taking notes as I do, has not been working. I don’t think I’ve been as diligent as I should have been.

If I am to have a suitable social networking proposal in place by December 30th, then I really do need to get myself into gear over the next ten days. The approach I was taking will hopefully be sufficient afterwards to account for the final Online Learning Journal (OLJ) aspect of this class.

Tonight I made sure to read through all the publicly posted OLJs of the other students in this class, and to subscribe to those I was able to. It was very educational reading, but did not quite help my anxiety to be reminded of how far behind I have been.

Right now midnight approaches and I am tired. I do not feel I can get further good work done tonight, so I shall put the blog down. Tomorrow I plan to write about what is required for this proposal and how I will be approaching it - I have ideas in mind for doing so, and have done for a while, but describing them properly requires more awakeness than I have available for now.