I really should have said something all the way back when I first heard about it, because then it might have been news to someone who read this and cared about it too, but it seems Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman is being made into a miniseries. That's potentially good news to me, since I liked Good Omens a lot when I read it in high school, borrowing it from the library to read over again.

What's more surprising is Pratchett's Watch subseries (of the Discworld series) is being adapted into a semi-original television series, what looks to be telling new mystery stories using the established characters. Am even more curious how that will turn out. Would have guessed it to be animated, but since the company making it (also making the Good Omens miniseries) also made the previous Discworld live adaptations I'd bet on it being live action, if I were to bet.