Last night watched Fallen, which is one of those lesser-known films I am personally fond of. Tend to be disappointed there aren't more stories where a police investigation uncovers some supernatural crime, provoking a genre shift. Especially Criminal Minds I keep wanting them to stumbling across vampires or similar (or did, before I quit watching the show).

Had not realised on previous viewings how much this story is open to a sequel - there is an organisation of demon-aware people who hope to someday fight them, and the lead's nephew is possibly being raised by the daughter of the last cop to be destroyed by Azazel.

Also watched The Taking of Pelham One Two Three because that was on after, and it had gotten a couple of remakes, so I figured it was probably a good film. Turns out it was.

Today had an afternoon shift at the library, much more social than usual. Got to the sign-on book when I arrived and found a note for me from my supervisor, along with her copy of The Transformers soundtrack to borrow.

Got home, got changed, walked around barefoot on the lawn, enjoying the feel of wet grass under my feet.

Read an article interview with Terry Pratchett which touched on the toll alzheimers is taking on him.

Watched Grimm S02E14. Changed group dynamic! Lead's boss presenting himself as an ally now his nature has been revealed, which was odd as I'd been interpreting him as a secret adversary. This may still be true.

Watched Castle S06E01. Definitely missed the end of the last season. This show has almost no value to me as a mystery series; mostly watch for character fun and the way it plays up various genre tropes and references (not always mystery ones). Sort of like Scooby Doo in that Castle always reaches for the most extravagant and genre-riffic explanations he can find.