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Got a call today from my supervisor at the charity shop. Of the two people I am sure get paid for their work there, it seems the other is having the day off, and she wanted to know what I hours I would be working, to be assured she would not be running the shop solo.

Tempted to wonder if this means I am considered reliable, or competent. A more likely explanation is that I am known to regularly be there during approximately the desired hours and thus am a likely candidate for chasing that up with.

I keep seeing flashes of reaction to a recent issue in which Superman renounces his US citizenship, which I didn't particularly care to know about, so now other people who don't care about it can have my small thoughts. Mainly, I don't like it because a moves like that means reminding everyone that as a character he is so strongly identified with that country. I'd rather forget, and have the character's adventures genericised to the point of obscuring national identity as far as possible. Which isn't very far at all with any scrutiny, but the many heroes in so many contexts who are to some degree instruments of foreign patriotism[1] discomfits me. I would prefer to ignore that and enjoy the parts I enjoy.

[1] I don't exactly want heroes of local patriotism either, but there is an unpleasant tension when the most of heroes are from elsewhere trumpeting the virtue of that elsewhere, or passive assumption of its pre-eminence. A levelled field would be nice. That seems unlikely. Humas are humans; we like our kith and kin.