Small netted fishes


No journaling yesterday, and didn't post the one from the day before until after starting to write this entry. New phone and new eReader[1] both arrived and setting both of those up carried me through to bedtime. A chunk of today too, and likely ongoing as I discover more details that didn't make the transfer and need to be fixed up.

Aside from that, laundry. Raining today so hung inside, and still hanging until tomorrow where normally I like to get that put away on the same day. And so not able to get my sheets washed either; hoping to fix that tomorrow.

Hung out with friends, quietly. Played a bit of Demon's Souls, which I haven't picked up in several years but finding more amenable this time around.

Realised I hadn't made any progress on the playlist for several days and downloaded episodes for Ockham's Razor (another ABC podcast), Nature, Point of Inquiry, and OSNews. Fixing up their metadata will have to wait for morning. And correspondingly, I must remember to reload the prior playlist onto my new phone, and find the episode within it that I was up to. I think we're about 1/7 through listening to that one so there is time yet to get the next cleared up. Time yet, but not enough to be complacent in.

Overall today feels like a bit of a lost day, yet in retrospect it doesn't seem so bad. I think mostly I am feeling the lack of physical activity. Looking forward to the new case arriving tomorrow so I can treat the phone as less terribly fragile. Really want to move and do a bit more; if it isn't raining the garden could do with being a bit less neglected again.

[1] My old eReader met an unfortunate end a few months ago when a carton of almond milk leaked throughout my bag and the lack of it has been increasingly bothersome