Reasons to be Grateful


Ages ago I made a commitment, to myself if no one else, to post openly my writing progress. Since then I've had barely anything to post, so it has not really come up. But now I am making another sure to fail run at NaNoWriMo and I want to clear the plate so I can post my progress on that. This story almost certainly dates to 2011 and / or 2012, since I have no record of when I wrote this and that is the span in which I have no record of my writing.

This is like most I've done so far a first draft, not a finished work.

The Offer

With a tug of the leash she yanks the girl forward from kneeling to panting on hands and knees at her feet. She smiles, stroking her pet's hair.

Her pet wears only tight netted pantihose, indenting lightly as it clings to the curve of her hips, just as intended. The tattoo on her thigh, the sitting black cat she'd been required to wear in her skin, showed clear through the holes. Nothing else on her body but the thin electric blue collar from which her name-tag dangled.

A quiet smile of anticipated pleasure, tracing the riding crop across her pet's shoulders and down, following the spine's curve. Feeling her pet breathe deeper, faster, also anticipating. One swift swipe of her pet's rear, and another, and a third, and a fourth, and another. With each her enjoyment increases hearing, feeling her pet's greater struggle at every moment to not cry out.

After a while she became aware of another presence and, distracted, her actions slowed. Her pet, slipping back down away from ecstatic service, noticed it too. A humanoid figure coalesced in the shadows of a corner, slowly illuminated by flickering candlelight.

It drifted forward, or perhaps merely became more illuminated. The air felt differently charged in her presence. The apparition stepped down onto the floor, one hoof and then the other with solid ease. Wings wrapped immodestly around the body, beneath a smile that spoke of competition for the most enjoyable way to spend a week.

She was acutely aware of her attire under that smile, its every contact with her skin and every lack of contact. Sudden intense awareness too of every detail on the handle of the riding crop still in her hand, how much she enjoyed the use of it, thoroughly aware of every curve and texture of her pet's body still on all fours beside her, panting, how her pet's flesh yielded and didn't, with beautiful, breathtaking, wonderful results. Aware, too, that she herself was breathing harder in this figure's presence, almost subconsciously squeezing her thighs together.

The apparition spoke. "I've been enjoying the two of you for a while," it said, in a voice that had her pet moaning and herself grabbing tight a patch of her pet's hair without thought. "And I have decided to reward you for being so entertaining with the granting of a wish."

She managed to arrest one hand before it crept under her vest where she would assuredly have begun stroking herself, and the other as it was poised to bring the riding crop down on her pet's eager, inviting rear. With further effort she managed words: "Isn't this a bit impolite?", and a nod which though slight encompassed the whole of her compromised body.

The smile brightened, making her blush, and the wings dropped, revealing a body she ached to work over with her tools, but there was also a feeling of withdrawal. The next time this being spoke she no longer had to fight not to fuck.

"I said, I shall grant you a wish. A boon to you both for being so delightfully enthusiastic in your pleasure. Name your desire and have it."


"I already have my pet. If I could do anything to her..." She smiled, signalled with a touch for her pet to stand. This was definitely no part of their scene.


"I'd make a bit more of a pet out of her." She raised one hand in a gesture understood to mean 'stop'. "But not without consulting with her, or obtaining her consent first."

"Then. When you have decided."

The apparition faded, but she still felt it watching. With one finger she traced a pattern lightly under her pet's chin.

"What did you mean, make more of a pet out of me? You seemed happy with me before."

"Very. But there is only so much a Mistress can do. Wondering if that- she could make a bit more of a kitty of you for me. A tail would do, and maybe some cute ears."

Her pet blushed. "M-maybe? It could be fun. But oh, wouldn't people notice?"

"Not if I could turn it on and off, make you into my perfect pet whenever I wanted." She grinned, feeling wicked again, and gave a soft gasp. "You know what else? I do tend to miss you at work. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could shrink you down and sneak you inside in my pocket?"

Her pet looked dubious.

"Oh, come on. Don't tell me the thought doesn't make you wet."

"Well, maybe a lot. But hey, don't I get anything?"

"Apart from being my beloved pet?"

"Well, I've always thought you were a bit of a fox..."

"So now you want to change my body too?"

Her pet grinned through mischief. "Just a nice tail, maybe some cute ears too."

Hands gripping tight, pulling hair up, forcing her pet's head to follow. "You know you're getting a serious paddling when this is over, right?"

A gasp, a blush, a couple of small nods with closed eyes. She understood, and was released.

"Does that mean you'll agree to the changes I proposed, beautiful kitty of mine?"

Long silence, then lips licked and another nod. "So long as I get to keep a veto. Safewords, right?"

"Of course. And I shall request the option of a more vulpine form for myself."


"We have made our choices," she said to the air. She did not sound as nervous as she felt.

The apparition was seated in her armchair as if it had been there all along.


"My darling pet has consented to become still more-so. If it be in your power, we request the ability to give her a more feline form - to make her grow a catlike tail and ears when we wish, and to likewise dismiss those traits. Further, that she be given a veto on the use of this, that she be not vulnerable to abuse by myself."

Mischief flickered. "And what about a little further? Whiskers? Paws?"

My pet flushed red. I grinned. "Let's. I'd like to be able to shrink and grow her too, same caveats."

The apparition gave a purring chuckle of delight. "Anything else?"

I got the impression we were far from pushing it. My pet, beside me, was chewing her lip and doing her best to shrink early. I felt a little shy myself.

"At my pet's request, I also ask for the option to take on a foxlike aspect in like manner to the transformation I wish to inflict upon her."

The apparition stood, running a clawed hand through my pet's hair. "If that be all, consider yourselves rewarded. Please me. Continue enjoying yourselves."

We were alone again.

I pulled my pet into a long embrace. The feel of her breasts, her warm skin pressed against mine was a comfort for us both.

When at last we released our embrace I dragged her by her hair across the room and bent her over, reaching for the paddle with my free hand. One must keep one's word.


Time for lunch. I stretched my arms, then my legs, disturbing the sleeping form at my feet.

She stirred, smiling up at me. I did something that felt like flexing my hand, without moving, and she shrank small enough to scamper up my arm. So delicious watching her tail sway, poking out from under the pleats of the short skirt I picked out for her.

No one noticed her hiding in my pocket as I left my desk. I'd let her pick lunch today; in a side street nearby I put my pet down and restored her to her full size for the first time since the morning.

I left her ears and tail showing, so she would have to deal with those herself. One ear flicked in amused exasperation, then she fished out the bowler hat she kept in her satchel for such occasions. She looked so adorable wearing it I had to pull her in for a kiss.

Her lips parting for mine, her body yielding to my embrace, her gorgeous butt under my hand. All reasons to be grateful for the devotion of this pet who pledged her heart and service to me.