Writing to sleep


This is a short piece I wrote back in April as an insomnia cure. Tend to find this sort of thing quite useful when I can't sleep, especially if what is keeping me awake is some form of anxiety or intrusive thoughts. The attention required for me to actually do some writing helps drive whatever is distressing me out of my head for the time being and writing erotic fiction rather than some more conventional form helps replace them with a topic that is not going to keep me upset or awake.

This particular piece was me returning to a character (Teela) I had conceived of some years ago, complete with a story 'properly' blending science fiction and erotica as genres, but had not got around to writing and eventually lost interest for a while. It was satisfying to return to this character and setting (having been permuted a bit).

Lost interest in finishing this story as such once I got tired enough to be able to actually sleep, but earlier in the week had some idea on how to bring it to a close with a bit more information about Teela for introduction purposes. A bit more interesting for me to write than some generic "and then they had orgasms, the end" conclusion which is what I would have done if I'd forced myself to write one previously.

So there you go.

"Just a bit more pressure, oh please."
I shifted my position, better to press the heel of my hand into her pubic mound. I was rewarded with a deeper moan from her.

* * *

When I first saw her we were in the station bar. I thought from how she carried herself she must be with the starfleet, still getting settled in to her shore leave. She was wearing a beautifully plain wool dress that I would have loved to pull over her head, so once I got a smile from her I walked over and told her so.

I liked the way she touched her tongue to her lips when she looked me over again.

"Alright," she said. "Tell you what. If I beat you at darts, I'll let you strip me. You game?"

"So what's my incentive to win?"

"If you win... you can worship my feet for the evening."

I took a long look at her calves, and what I could see of her slippered feet.


We shook on it, our first touch. I thrilled at her grip, the texture of her hand.

It was no trouble to rent a room for the night.

We kissed as soon as we got in the door. Bodies pressed against each other, arms wrapped tight around. Tongue pressing against tongue. I had her against the wall. She backed me onto the bed. We remembered our deal.

When I pulled that dress off her and tossed it in the corner it was every bit as satisfying as I'd imagined it would be. She was passively cooperative while I undressed her, lifting her arms or feet whenever needed, but otherwise standing straight, facing forward, only the smile in her eyes showing she enjoyed it as much as I. It all made me want her more.

Once she was naked I took a couple of slow circuits, admiring her head to toe. She, shifting position occasionally in ways that made my breath catch in my throat.

"You are every bit worth the loss," I said longingly.

Of course, we had to have sex.

* * *

I shifted the heel of my hand in a slight grinding motion, careful not to let up on the pressure she had requested. The shift in her hips said I was doing it right.

"What if," I whispered in her ear, "I were to spank you as well?"

She gasped, as if the the idea had not occurred to her, and nodded enthusiastically a few times. "Mm-hm."

It was a little tricky getting her onto her knees while keeping one hand between her legs. We managed, although she wouldn't quite keep still as long as I kept pressing her the way she liked. That soft, seemingly unconscious sway of her hips kept me mesmerised for a bit, so when I finally did strike her the first time she yelped in surprise.

I liked how quickly that became a moan. "More."

The first few were slow. After each she would moan and say "More".

So I picked up the pace - she seemed to like it harder too - so soon it was a litany. "More, more, more, yes, oh please, more, harder" until finally she said enough.

I'd worked up a definite sweat by then, and her butt was looking rather red. Extraordinarily cute and red. I swirled my free hand over the reddest parts to try and dissipate some of the pain she must be left with.

She was panting pretty hard herself. "In me. In me. In me, in me."

My turn to purr with pleasure.

I took my hand off her pubic mound to apply the condom, watching her body language wilt a little when I did, and bloom again when I put the pressure back on after. Having my hand there made it easier to guide myself in; we both let out a long moan as I slid into her.

I half withdrew, then slowly slid deeper again, getting a feel for how our bodies worked together. The feel of my breasts brushing against her back was as delicious as her gasp.