The Riffing Game


While haphazardly looking for a restaurant this evening a friend and I hit upon an idea for a movie riffing game. All you need is any movie from your collection, your friends, and the game cards. Here's how he describes it:

"The game is called "Pause!" and its a party game meant for 3 or more people. The basic premise is to make a game from your own dvd collection. Put in a dvd and hand the remote to one of the players, and when they see something interesting on screen (or whenever they feel like it) they say "Pause!" and pause the film. Next draw from a deck of cards and the other players do whatever the card says - such as come up with a caption for what is on screen or name main character of the film. Then the player with the remote decides a winner(s) and points are awarded and hands the remote to another player and game continues. The game ends when either the movie is over or a certain ..."

Originally posted on Bakacafe.

One idea I've had is to include action cards that allow you to go forward, reverse, go to a specific scene in the film, or to change movies entirely. This removes a restriction requiring you to play through the whole movie. The base game, I think, should also be generic. Specific genres (action, romance, even MST) or specific movies can be their own expansion that can be added to the game.

Anyone else have ideas?

(No? Here's something to get you started.)