...And They Fight


Trice: One can imagine Spock's surprise on getting their first glimpse of the video from the Romulan vessel. "Wow, Romulans look just like my father."
Tess: Hehehe
Tess: I always wondered that myself.
Trice: =^_^=
Trice: Been discussing with [name redacted] whether it should have been Romulans as the antagonists in The Search for Spock.
Tess: Well, neither Romulans or Kilngons are more than a cardboard cutout for "The Villian!" in this film.
Trice: The one in question?
Tess: *nods*
Tess: They serve no purpose in the story but to drive events forward. They don't have any real stake in Genesis other than "they want it". Honestly, the whole thing is so generic that it might as well be a creeping smog monster blowing up the Grishim and killing Kirk's kid.
Tess: At least then there would be the minor amusement of "WTF Smog Monster!?!?!!"
Trice: :D
Tess: And Kirk turns out to be Ultraman.....and they fight. >.>
Trice: o.o