Deninet Design Document

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Deninet has existed as a website for over ten years now. For much of that time, it has meandered from one purpose to the other. Once deninet was switched from Gazelle to Drupal as a content manager, the site has had questionable movement in features and reason. This was okay when it was largely a solo effort. Today, however, deninet has a several core users (or "staff") and keeping everything in Tess' head just doesn't work anymore. The purpose of this document is to formalize the purpose, features, and requirements we intent to create for deninet. It is our hope that by formalizing these requirements we will start down a path where the site will be more useful to us.


A creation is a class of node types that allow for the publication of creative works to deninet. In order to prevent a massive sprawl of node types on the site, creations have different types depending on the type of web-compatible file format in which their packaged. Currently, there are four content types:

  • Text
  • Picture
  • Audio
  • Video

Text Type

Text creation types are intended for written works such as short stories, novellas, written erotica, poetry, or prose. Text creation types do not accept a file, but instead a text entry box for the end user to paste (or type) their text directly.

Picture Type

The picture creation type deals with any creation that is displayed in a static image (*.png, *.jpg, etc.) on the web. This includes sketches, digital artwork, photographs, and so on. Because of the inherent limitations of the web, this creation type would also be used for anything physical that is photographed. For example, a sculpture cannot be presented over the web directly. Instead, a photograph is taken of the work and uploaded instead. 

Picture creation types are not to be confused with the current Image type available on deninet. This content type is a holdover from Drupal 5 and earlier. The Drupal community no longer recommends using Image types and instead recommends using the Imagefield CCK field instead.

Audio Type

The audio creation type is used for any creative work that would be posted as an audio file on the web. This includes music, spoken word, podcasts, and other recordings. 

Video Type

The video creation type is used for any creative work that would be posted as a video file on the web. This includes digital movies, video recordings, and so on.


A collection is a grouping of creation nodes created and managed by users. They have the following properties:

  • Collections can be created by any user.
  • Collections have a name and description.
  • Collections link to creations, they do not copy their content.
  • Any one creation can belong to zero or more collections.
  • Creations may be ordered within collections.
  • Collections can present their contents in several different view modalities (thumbnail grid, list, table, single display prev/next).

Other Content Types

The Creation nodes types and Collection node type(s?) do not replace the existing node types on deninet of Blog Entry, Book Page, or Channel. These nodes types are seen as complimentary to the overall use of the site and fulfill other user needs outside of posting creative content.

As earlier noted, however, the node type of "Image" will be replaced by the creation node type of Picture. As part of the conversion process, Images will be recreated as picture nodes where appropriate. Some images may be dropped in the process, or converted to file attachments for Blog Entries or Book Pages.


Given the four creation types, it is possible that many genres of creative works are posted as the same content type. For example, Text creations may be poetry, prose, short stories, and so on. In order to categorize these different genres each creation type will have a Genre field.

This field would have a hierarchical list of selectable genres, each applicable to their creation type. Parent terms in the hierarchy are more general (i.e. "Photography") while child terms are more specific ("Landscape"). Selection of a genre is required, although any level of the hierarchy can be selected. Only one item may be selected. 

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