Thinking out Loud


Drupal 7 is very close to a final release; at least, that's the rumor. It's not without some justification. RC3 was released today, and a global release party has been scheduled for January 7th. As a technophile and wannabe Drupalista, I've been following all these developments with great interest. Drupal 7 is a huge leap over the current GA version.

Deninet has been caught in a holding pattern while Drupal 7 is finalized. For many reasons, I've decided not to bother developing new features until 7 is GA. At least, that's what I tell myself. I very much want to given deninet a fresh start with 7, reorganizing content and users and dumping much of the cruft from several upgrades. Moving all this content over is not going to be an easy process. Unless I can figure out a way to batch export and import content from two different versions, I will have to move our 1000+ nodes over manually. 

I say that I've been waiting for the Drupal 7 to be GA, but that may be more excuse than reason. The Release Candidate versions may smoothly upgrade to the GA with little problems. Most of the modules we need to start building the new site are already ported. Provided that this is already true, I have no reason not to start moving content today. 

Well, almost no reason...