The annual check-in post


This is the time of year when I do a little half-hearted journaling, before soon petering out again. There have been plenty of times when I wanted to journal over the past year or two and did not - a lot because I found myself tired and 'busy' between school and social and work, and a bit because mostly I wanted to write my displeasure or worry about events at work but those happenings were forbidden to be made public.

    Concerns about more staff reshuffling, about people being brought in from outside to take charge of the library and the people who had been running it in the interim getting knocked back to subordinate roles and yet still, in a lot of ways, running things because they're the ones familiar with operations and with connections to and trust of the other staff. About renovations and my suspicion we will have reduced space for the collection - I'm sure it will be spacious and pleasant and perhaps even a good place to study and read, but maybe with not as much //to// read. I'm also disappointed that increased physical accessibility I'm told could not have been added to the design, despite my request. And about a branch of the library being closed with almost no notification to the public, admittedly one with very low use but there aren't many resources in that end of town already, and this also blocks access to the public toilets the branch housed.

    I'm disheartened because there is nowhere for me to go with this job. But I hope to graduate at the end of the year and maybe then I can find better work elsewhere. It will probably mean switching from part-time to full-time to find something I can live on, but that may be what I have to do.

    In major project news, I've completed the first phase of cleaning up and organising my living space, by evacuating from my room nearly all the clutter that has accumulated over the past decade. The next phase will probably be to go over what's been removed and decide which items may be invited back into my space, and which must be disposed of or go elsewhere.