Book Dragon is Reading - FaceOff, edited by David Baldacci


11. Good and Valuable Consideration [Jack Reacher vs. Joseph Finder] by Lee Child vs. Nick Heller

Lee Child’s Reacher books were the only ones I’d read any of prior to this anthology and I’d liked them, so I had been looking forward to this story. I suppose it was a little disappointing in that sense, for lacking any grand quest to resolve?

Instead, a constrained little story wherein our heroes meet by chance in a bar and take it upon themselves to help out some hapless soul who’s been selected for violent blackmail. It wasn’t much, but it was okay. I may or may not check out the Finder stories in future.

Also, amusing because Finder and Reacher very much come across as counterparts, cut from a similar mould. It made sense to put them together like that even though I would think normally you want to avoid having two similar characters together.