Roguelike Roulette [Spin 1, Slot 3b]: Ascii Sector


Ascii Sector 1.2

Making my way to the ship I take off (and forget to take a screenshot) and fumble extensively with the controls until slowly some understanding of nav-points, autopilot and jump gates is gained.

First, to the wrong nav-point, and then since the destination for this mission was no longer showing on the map like it had been last session - cut off at the bottom - tabbing through other nav-points until one offered 'jump to Nexus Prime'. That system at least showed what looked like a path to potentially get nearer the target system.

The player's starship within the jump gate from Loye to Nexus Prime, an Ascii art blue ball

Once arriving at this next nav-point, yet more messing about with the controls and perusing the manual. Finally worked out that - I think - the ship needs to be moving in order to actually use a jump point. Then, on arrival at Nexus Prime, it seems a route to LV-426 is already programmed in and probably had been originally before I inadvertently thwarted myself on setting out.

The Nexus Prime side of the jump gate. An imposingly large confed ship lurks nearby

First we must cross the great majority of the Nexus Prime system for another waypoint to TC-101, getting interrogated and inspected by various Confed ships along the way.

Failed attempt at capturing an image of the swirly effect that occurs when using a jump gate

Having just jumped into TC-101, I think the brown 'o's represent asteroids, while the grey 'v's are pirate ships

The TC-101 gate from Nexus Prime appears to be surrounded by asteroids. And, barely have I had time to get my bearings when I come under attack. Got to pause long enough to check controls for shields and comms, and then unpause long enough to barely begin accelerating before being exploded in a cloud of ship pieces.

Ah, Ascii Sector. Being not turn-based sure makes it a lot harder.