Sunday Story Ratings #67: Usagi Yojimbo Book 3.4: Blade of the Gods


Usagi Yojimbo Book 3: The Wanderer's Road: 4. Blade of the Gods by Stan Sakai

Originally published July 1988?* Fantagraphics Books in Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 1 Issue 10; this edition August 2010

Fantagraphics Books


{*official website says July 1987, but that would be a year prior to the preceding issues, although if 1987 that would put it in the same month as the previous issue too.}



Parental Guidance recommended for audiences under 15 years of age

(V, H)

Violence (PG)

Supernatural Themes (no weight)




Only male characters present.


No presence

Race & Ethnicity:

Characters are all anthropomorphic animals in a culturally Japanese (Edo period) setting.

Disability, Physical Diversity and Health:

Villain of this episode regarded as mad by others.


None found


Usagi seeks shelter from a storm with Jei, who turns out to believe he is chosen by the gods to execute the evil - and who seems to conclude sooner or later that all who cross his path are evil. The resolution is ambiguous. Mostly a fight episode but I believe there are to be long-term repercussions; it is left uncertain whether Jei is indeed supernaturally guided or protected.