Trips Home


Homecoming has been an enriching, illuminating experience.

I told Tess recently, while sitting in my grandmother's house after a fruitful day, that it is not simply that I needed to come home to remember who I was. It was that I needed to come home so I could find out at all. That's very apt still. Seattle, and the Puget Sound region generally, seems to be where I come to when I need to touch base with myself. For the longest time, my ambitions, hopes and desires all lived here -- it was the site of many of my fondest memories and the spiritual center of my cosmos. I seem destined not to make my residence here again anytime soon, perhaps ever -- but this is the place I come to, in order to learn who I am and what I'm made of. 

I want to head into town and pay a visit to my old neighborhood's Friendly Local Gaming Store. I miss the proprietor and long, geeky conversations with him on a sunny day. So this post is short, but I beg the indulgence of my friends and loved ones who are wondering how the trip has been. There will be more substantial updates soon.