Changelog for 9 January 2010



Test server changes:
  • Updated to Drupal 6.15. This was the easiest core update I've ever done. In November, I had moved all the modules to the site folder as recommended for a 6.x site. Previously, everything was in modules/contrib, and it was always a hassle to get everything in the right place. Now everything is under sites/all like it's supposed to be. 
  • Updated Ctools, Image Assist, and Flag to newest versions. 
  • The biggest update was from Panels 2 to 3. I delayed the upgrade for months because Panels 3 wasn't quite there yet, and upgrading destroyed all views created under 2.x. The new panels system is much, much nicer, much following in the footsteps of the newest Views release. I had to reimplement the channel dashboards, but otherwise I had no problems.
  • I still need to run through some basic tests before I consider pushing the upgrade to production. Maybe tomorrow?
  • Experimented with a change in the graphic layout of the site. The blank area immediately to the right of the "DE" in the logo really bugs me. It's meant to be the breadcrumb trail, but I never quite made it work. I'll do a little more experimenting and see what I can do.
  • Tired now. Grinding headache despite caffeine and ibuprofen. Maybe I need new glasses...