Character Profile - Ghost



Birth name
(Something Taiwanese)

Ghost is a trim young woman of Taiwanese descent from the suburbs of Tacoma. She's about 5'3'', 19 years of age and has a mature, somewhat reserved air. She's a rather artistic sort, and often sketches in charcoal or paints with watercolors in her spare time. She's somewhat uncomfortable at The Farm with the other ACES, and was painfully shy when she first arrived. Ghost secretly longs to graduate early and begin her career, in the hopes of having as normal a life as possible. Her dress sense is a good bit more reserved than the other candidates -- she typically wears comfortable workout pants and a powder-blue tank top when outdoors, a smock and jumper when painting, or jeans, tank top and a black leather jacket at other times.

Ghost's skin has been interwoven with a sheathe of programmable matter capable of absorb, emitting, and redirecting light. She can see through every part of her skin, and using a coprocessor installed in her visual cortex, she can blend into her surroundings in realtime (though she has to be nude for this to be fully effective, or wearing a special bodysuit she plugs into a control port at the base of her neck. She can also emit light, glow in the dark, and recently had a module installed that could potentially allow her to project images holographically, although she hasn't yet mastered it.