A Walk at the Fair


I decided to walk around the Minnesota State Fair last night for my exercise. I took my cell with me and managed to snap a few pictures.

Snowy Quilt
Moonshine Imp. Almost as frightening as Coily!
Preserves, Jellies, and Jams
There was a concert going on in the Grandstand. I managed to snap a pic while taking a cablecart ride.
For whatever reason, I decided to take a ride on one of the two cablecars that criss-cross the fairgrounds. Not exactly the smartest thing as heights tend to make me...uncomfortable. I did manage to relax long enough to enjoy the ride after a few minutes. Maybe the last year of air travel has made a dent in my phobias.
Behind the Grandstand
Loon at the 4H
A quiet little place between exhibit buildings
This project at the Creative Arts took my breath away. It's actually a woven glass basket; I can only imagine the ingenuity it took to create it.
Nifty dress
I'm sensing a theme here...or maybe I'm just looking for Aussie things too much.
There's my girlish moment for the day. I'm such a sucker for Stargazers
Perhaps Authentic?
Bright, flashing lights, human chatter, and throbbing techno music.
In the Heritage Gallery
Despite my general adversion to the press of people, the flashing lights, and the noise, I took a stroll through the arcade at the Fair. While there were several I've seen in previous years, what surprised me were the several mini roller-coasters. This one is called (I think) "The Mouse Trap". I didn't ride it, but the tracks curving above me were quite impressive.