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Why I wasn't at BADCamp last weekend

You may have noticed I wasn't at Bay Area Drupal Camp last weekend. If you were following the camp closely or my social media account, you might have expected otherwise. When the accepted sessions were announced, my talk "Ride the Whale: Docker for Drupalists" was on the list. Then, a week before the camp, it was nowhere to be found on the schedule. What happened was a combination of unexpected circumstances and the relentless progression of the hourglass.

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Porting Flag to Drupal 8: PSR-0

MuIn the previous post, we had just started with porting the Flag module over to Drupal 8. We converted the *.info file to the new YAML file format. We also created a branch in the git repository on Drupal.org. At this point, the module is far from functional. While we can enable it, even visit the Admin > Structure > Flags page, creating a flag results in a massive 500 error on the server. Our next task is to find out why that happened, and do what we can to fix it. 


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