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November 20th, 2005

Created in honor of the 28 Transpeople known to have been killed in 2005. You are not forgotten.

The image started as graphite and mechanical pencil on Letter sized sketch paper. This image was largely freehand with the exception of my small metal straightedge, and a T-square I rummaged out of a box in my apartment. This was scanned via my HP 1310 into Photoshop CS. The coloring techinque uses a special layering method with half-opacity to achive the proper color effect to enhance the underlying sketch.

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Am I?

This is a little drawing of Novella in what is known as "girl mode". She's featured in somewhat shocked curiousity of the woman staring back at her in the mirror. Her utterance, "Am I?" may be simple but quite significant. (Which is also difficult to explain if you're not already familiar with Gender Dysphoria and whatnot.)

I drew this with the idea the Novella has never even tried to dress as a girl up until this point. Beforehand, she existed in "andro", as in androgynous -- consisting largely of baggy clothing, sweatpants, and a bandana.

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Tears in Digital 1.4

This is the final version of what is appearently, my most popular piece of artwork.

The figure was sketched first in pencil, and then inked. It was then colored in photoshop. The background texture was created in Bryce 4, and the circuit tracings were photoshopped in.

This was, in fact, my first attempt in coloring an anime sketch. The style is more typical of anime coloring, but I no longer use this method favoring more shading and manipulation.


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