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Crashed Ship

This is the earliest image created for InterLock; can you tell? It was the scene of a critical plot point for Aaron Murphy. Having disappeared from the rest of the party earlier in the story, they retrace his path to this "crashed" ship. The ship isn't so much crashed as it is embedded in the landscape, almost impossibly. I had this idea after I produced this image, so it isn't shown above.

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In an early draft of the story, the character of Jason Gray was an "Information Mercenary". He led Jenn to this hideout in the Beta District slums after her encounter in the Zeta District Kiosk. Shortly thereafter, C.H.A.D. entered the story. This was one of the last images I created for the project, and also the most advanced technically.

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Debson 2.6

This was the earliest image of the Debson tower, before the complete design of Trace. Instead of a singlular tower, Debson was just one highrise in a metropolis. This was the background screen for my Macintosh Performa 2600 for over a year.

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Beta District Complex

Beta District served as the reciving point in the Reflector network. It was also the most sturdily built of all the reflectors. This was because it had far more energy pouring through it than other ground-based reflectors. One plot device was to have the power downlink from space become misaligned, thereby destroying a good portion of the Commons.

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The City of Trace

In the InterLock universe, the nation-state system had collapsed in favor of tighter corporate-nations. The employees of this corporate-nation were it's citizens, with the CEO or (CNEO in this case) acting as president or tyrant. The seat of the Debson Systems Ltd. was the city of Trace. Trace is an enormous raised city dotted by five large towers. Each tower was referred to as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Zeta.


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