The Princess' Tiara


Tre'ana is a follower of a nearly extinct religion. She was taught in its ways by grandmother, as her mother despised it. The actual name of the religion is unknown as the spoken language has been lost. The written language remains in the form of a holy book, passed on to Tre'ana by her grandmother.

The StarReader language consists of three tiers of glyphs that are read left to right, down to up. StarReader codicies are always bound at the top as a legal pad. The pages are long and thin. The informal language places the glyphs on parallel vertical lines. The formal language combines the informal language with a star consellation chart. This is where the nickname "StarReader" came from. The formal language is not used anywhere except in the holy book.

The formal language placed each star in the constellation on a certain "line". The lines connected to a Context Glyph in the upper left corner. The one in the image above indicates the context is one person. Therefore, this page tells a story centered around one person. There are for context symbols, each a 90 degree copy-rotation of the above symbol, each indicating a larger context of people. One for a person. Two, one down one pointing to the right, for a group. Three with a flat bottom for a world of people. Four for a universe.

Lines eminate from these context symbols to indicate the meaning of the star in the constellation. In the above image there are five lines. From left to right they are, The Earth Line, The Heart Line, The Strength Line, The Spirit Line, and the final unconnected line is the Star Line.

I never divined the meaning of the lines and the stars, but it wasn't that important to the story.