Crashed Ship


This is the earliest image created for InterLock; can you tell? It was the scene of a critical plot point for Aaron Murphy. Having disappeared from the rest of the party earlier in the story, they retrace his path to this "crashed" ship. The ship isn't so much crashed as it is embedded in the landscape, almost impossibly. I had this idea after I produced this image, so it isn't shown above.

In the ship Aaron Murphy had left a message for Jenn. The two had formed a relationship over the course of the story. He asked for Jenn to give up. To forget everything they had found so far in the story. He also, however, left an encoded file that contained everything. Only the co-creator of file knows how decode it, Tera Rogue. While she's in the party at the time, she has to overcome issues of her own. Namely, the action of her sister, Erza Nelson the CNEO of the Debson Systems corporate nation. Ezra had taken away both Tera's husband, and her close friend, the hacker "Counter", when Tera defied her.

When the Synthesis file is finally decoded, they discover that Aaron Murphy is in fact, the hacker Counter. Erza had used a special varient of the InterLock protocol in order to rewrite his memories. Aaron Murphy was the result. While Jenn, Tera, CHAD, and Jason were discovering this, Aaron was moving to confront Ezra for the final time.