The City of Trace


In the InterLock universe, the nation-state system had collapsed in favor of tighter corporate-nations. The employees of this corporate-nation were it's citizens, with the CEO or (CNEO in this case) acting as president or tyrant. The seat of the Debson Systems Ltd. was the city of Trace. Trace is an enormous raised city dotted by five large towers. Each tower was referred to as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Zeta.

Alpha was the home of the Debson offices, a tall black building with the corporate logo on each side. Beta was the factory district and primary power generation sector. It's directly opposite Alpha and is marked by a large Reflector complex. One large reflector and three smaller ones. Gamma, with its large ring, was also called the Spacing District. Debson ran it's operations to the Reflector Satellite network through that district. Delta and Zeta are identical pyramidal buildings. Delta is residential and Zeta is retail. The towers were interconnected through a tram system. You could, however, reach them through the city Commons. The large platform that connected all the towers togeter was the Commons. The majority of the population lives there, often in less than optimal conditions. Below the platform were the slums, an older city which Trace was build atop.

If it sounds a bit like Midgar of Final Fantasy VII, you know where I got my inspiration. I probably wouldn't have designed Trace quite this way if I were to write about it now.