Till Never Do Us Part

The story begins with Kylie and Sarah (who appear to be identical twins) moving a box from a garage to the living wrong, and Kylie dropping it. Sarah: "Lift with your legs, not your back. You're not as strong as you used to be."

Kylie immediately gets beet red angry for a second, when her demeanor changes, and a tear begins to form. She balls up a fist, fights to holds it back and storms off. Sarah just shakes her head and heads into the house. "She'll be back." She fingers a wedding ring on her hand. "She has to."

Kylie sits on a cliff overlooking a open field. She shifts a bit. Kind of squirming like she's figuring something out, then stand up and notices she's spotted her pants with blood. She's beginning her period. "Goddamnit!" With a a final anguished yell, she jumps off the cliff to her death.

And wakes up in the same bed next to Sarah. Kylie looks down, and sees her sheets are red with blood, and screams in shock, waking Sarah up. Sarah pops awake, scared, but realizes the situation. "Kylie, get in the shower. After I wash the sheets, I'll show you how to use a pad when you get out."


"Yes, Kyle. Get in the shower."

As Sarah washes the sheets, she nonchalatly asks "How did you kill yourself this time?"

"Jumping off a cliff."

"The one just east of here?"


"You need to stop trying to die. You just end up back here, you know.' Again, she fingers her wedding ring.

"I used to try to just get away. Run far away. But everytime I'd get to sleep, I just find myself right back here" (Kylie also fingers her wedding ring).

"We can't get away from each other now. And you're a girl. We need to move forward, Kyle. We need to move from this point forward."

"I wonder if I can drown myself in the shower." They both chuckle slightly, and wash up.

Kylie and Sarah were once husband and wife. But their relationship was on the rocks. For their anniversary, they'd shown up at the diner, but gotten into an argument where Sarah had stormed off. Just before she left the diner, Kyle had wished that they could just be a happy married couple forever. Sarah had wished Kyle could be a little more like her.

Story was never much developed further, and was written as a backlash to all the transgender stories being submitted to Wishworld (Kyle hated his new life, compared to the other pro-transgender stories).