The Great Jade Heist

(Part 1)
A female form clad in black catburglar outfit breaks into the house of fine art black market dealer, sneaking stealthily past traps and barricades. She finds herself in one of the artrooms, cutting through a glass case and takes a Jade figurine from it. The figurine is the exact one Jin was looking for in "A Message from Home."

The cat burglar begins to make an exit, when every alarm in the building goes off. She seems surprised, as if she has no idea why the alarm went off. She flees, hearing the sounds of dogs barking.

On her way out, she slams into Jana and Sylvia arguing over how she tripped the alarm. The catburglar removes her face covering to reveal she's NOT Jana, as we would have been hinting at. They both realize the catburglar has the jade statue they were just about to steal themselves. She takes off. Jana and Sylvia follow her in hot pursuit. And the art dealer's cronies quickly follow suit.

Eventually Jana would have obtained the jade statue, and Sylvia would identify it as a Wishstone holder. Before attempting anything with it, they'd return to Jin to determine what he wanted to do with it.

(Part 2)
Jana returns to Jin with the Jade Figurine of his wife. He mentions that she felt she could have always been more beautiful, and that was probably her wish.

Unfortunately, the jade statuette is not actually alive, and the Wishstone appears to be a part of the figurine. They may be able to free it by chipping the jade around it, but Jin refuses - it's all that's left of his wife.

The two parts are very short, but I'd planned to flesh it out a lot more as we got closer to publishing it.