Daughter of Eve

Jana and Sylvia search for their next Wishstone when they're ambushed by two highwaymen. Jana holds her own until she's hit nicked by a knife with a paralytic agent in it. The huntress part of her fights as long as she can, but eventually succumbs to paralysis.

Sylvia attempts to scare the highwaymen off, but one of them is a magic user himself, and recognizes that while she's usually powerful, she's exhausted from powering the bike and seeking the Wishstone. He begins to put a binding spell on her when one of the others comes across their bag of already collected Wishstones.

Just as they reach in, both are hit with arrows in the arm. They look up to see a woman hoplding a bow and arrow, also dressed in skins, but more elegantly than Jana. They highwaymen run off and the woman takes Jana back to her cave.

She begins nursing Jana back to health, slowly over the course of several days. The paralysis is slow to wear off, though, and she spends her time laying in bed, at first just listening to this woman, Hayah, singing melodies and making small-talk that nurses give to patients. We'd see this in glimpses as Jana sleeps off the paralytic and occasionally wakes up.

Eventually Jana gets to a point where she can speak, although very softly and weakly. The meat of the story is a heart-to-heart between her and Hayah. This new world scares her, and while the huntress helps her survive it, it's not home. The task she has ahead of her is monumental. And she's only eight.

Hayah comforts her telling her how her life was just as different once. She and Adamah were expelled from their home of Dun after she'd disgraced her family and sent into the wild. There she and her husband lived in a cave to atone for their sins. Having her children, without anyone to teach her how to deliver them or even raise them, was frightening. But it was her devotion to Adam, and his devotion to her, and then their children, that got them through the rough times. They loved each other dearly, and faced the hardships together...this was all their first time, too. The mutual dependence, the mutual love, and mutual devotion helped her survive. Jana would need to find something or someone to devote herself to, and move forward.

Jana is afraid of the huntress personality in her, and the her 8-year-old mind can't cope with the things the 18-year-old huntress does to survive. Hayah, replies that she is in much of the same boat:

We flashback to the diner where the story began, where a woman, Diana, a radical feminist is nursing a terrible thought over coffee. One of her friends was recently assaulted, she knows who did it, and is consideing making an example of him through a terroristic act. She begins to spiral emotionally, spinning into more and more unbalanced thinking, her final thought before the world changes if "I wish Eve had been given a second chance." Then the world changes.

Hayah awakens in the Wishworld, in the same form as Diana...but is no longer Diana. She is Hayah - Eve.

Hayah, too, has had to deal with her own alter-ego, one she knows is there, but cannot do anything but watch, learn and relive the memories of Eve's life after the fall. Diana has watched Eve live every day of her life, and relive every day of her life through memories. Memories of her and Adamah - Adam, their time in Dun - Eden, and the partnership they enjoyed.

Jana recovers over time, becoming fast friends to Hayah, who has nursed and somewhat mothered her over the days. As she's about to leave, Sylvia mentions that it's not Hayah who has the wishstone they've detected. Diana does. They're not sure exactly how to get it.

Eve was given a second chance at life, and she has used it to try and show Diana the side of life that she'd denied to see, and hopes it's made her understand the world a little better. And she drop's the bombshell (at least the bombshell for Diana) - to come back, all she has to do is believe that Eve has finished her second chance.

She looks at Jana, with a lovely warm smile. "Daughter of Eve, you have a long path ahead of you. Remember me when you are frightened, that the mother of all was just as frightened once." The face then goes blank for a second, her wishstone is expelled...and Hayah is gone, in her place is an astonished Diana.

"I...I...I didn't know. I didn't want to know."