Media Roundup


Have some links.


Riverside Extras by Miranda Chamberlain. Neo-Noir crime drama set in a fictional Washington town in 1918. Suspense, intrigue and surrealism abound, with gorgeous monochrome inkwork and a fascinating cast. Often NSFW due to violence or sex. Not always an easy read due to the themes and content, to say nothing of the storytelling (which is sometimes frank and direct but rarely spells everything out, and occasionally gets intentionally oblique)... but a rewarding one. Criminally underappreciated.

Dropout, Shorts and Fresh Meat by Gray Folie. Queer/crip subaltern stories with a strong character focus. Very real, maybe a little too real sometimes. Love the dialogue.

Charity Case by Malacandrax. A queer/nonmonogamous piece about poverty and queer found family, set in the North of Britain. (Sylvia and Jerry's relationship gives me life.)

Phoenix Flair by dmlicea. Anala Karpe is a jaded and cynical ex-magical girl, but finds herself entangled when a pair of classmates are contracted for the position. Currently on hiatus(?), just when it was getting good.

Never Satisfied by Taylor Robin. Just your basic, lighthearted straight-faced YA fantasy story! (Yeah, not so much...) Love it for the direct engagement with issues of class, communication, and the many, often theatric ways in which that can mess you up.