From an end to a beginning


Last day of the year. Should I say something portentous?

Nah. It is also just another day, but it's fun to create transitions.

I have encountered a superstition that what you do on new year's eve sets the tone for the year to come. By those lights I have done well indeed. Finished reading the last comic I borrowed from work, which is a weight off my shoulders. And not only did I finish reading it, I promptly wrote down what I thought about it (it was a better read than most of the others, with significant caveats). Hung out with friends. Finished watching an abuse-heavy anime series with someone close to me. Watched part 1 of Hogfather with my pet. Worked on concepts for Ravenna the vampire with Ami, which I continue to look forward to playing. Did a preliminary write-up of a planet under the working title Epidus II for Star Wars: The Lost Heart, along with its perils and secrets.

I might even expand or reorganise a little more before sleeping.

It's been a good day for me, although I wouldn't want to try and evaluate the balance of the past year. I'm hoping the calendar year to come will be joyous and prosperous and filled with wonder, for me and for those I love and for all who are not evil.